Reusable PVC Clear Tote Bag

Item # MGF7054 TOTE BAGS

Made of high quality PVC plastic material,reusable,durable enough to serve for a long time. There are three sizes of bags: Small size: 7.87"x3.94"x7.87"; Medium size: 9.84"x3.94x9.84"; Large size: 11.8"x5.9x11.8", so you can choose any size you need. The PVC bag is more fashionable and beautiful with various colors of cloth strips. Compared with ordinary plastic bags, they are waterproof and sturdy. These clear PVC bags are suitable for groceries, celebrations, weddings, shopping bags, etc.



$2.37 each
2000$2.06 each
5000$1.92 each
10000$1.19 each
50000$0.98 each

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