15Oz Cold Color Changing Aluminum Cup

Item # MGJ3721 Drinkware

An aluminum color-changing cup can be changed into various colors by placing ice water in it. Customizable in your favorite color-changing colors. These metal aluminum cups for kids are lightweight and will not rust that it is convenient for you to store and carry. Very suitable for family dinner or outdoor activities. They can be stacked together to save space, and take up less space in the cabinet or picnic basket.These color changing pint cups are perfect for all 15 ounce beverages which are suitable for kids.Useing these cups for a pint of milk,juice,milkshakes,smoothies,ice coffee,beer and ice tea.Enjoy drinking!

100$7.91 each
500$5.47 each
1000$2.74 each
10000$2.55 each
50000$2.34 each

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